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Summary of Benefits

Anthem BlueCross BlueShield

2020 KBA Group Health Plan Options

Blue Access PPO Options

Summary of BenefitsHealth Certificate
PPO 1(Benefit Document)
PPO 2(Benefit Document)
PPO 3(Benefit Document)
PPO 4(Benefit Document)
PPO 5(Benefit Document)
PPO 6(Benefit Document)
PPO 7(Benefit Document)
PPO 8(Benefit Document)
PPO 9(Benefit Document)

Lumenos Health Savings Account Options

Summary of BenefitsHealth Certificate
HSA1E(Benefit Document)
HSA2E(Benefit Document)
HSA3E(Benefit Document)
HSA4E(Benefit Document)
HSA5E(Benefit Document)
HSA6E(Benefit Document)
HSA6E(Benefit Document)

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